About us

Welcome to Pro Athlete sport management. We represent the interests of many players and coaches in the Netherlands and abroad. A-list players, (upcoming) talents, playing in the Ere-divisie or the Premier League, with many caps in their name or just joining the Dutch youth squads. At Our Company there is room for each player or coach.Our goal is to get the maximum out of his career.

The football world is changing rapidly, it is in constant motion. Nobody knows how the future will look like. In the fast changing world is reliable advice a must.
At Pro Athlete we have experienced Intermediaries who themselves had an active career as a professional football player.

For us the growthof a player’s is crucial. Not only physically, but also mentally. Players work hard on the pitch, we work hard outside the pitch.
Based on respect and trust we can build a healthy relationship.

Sigi Lens



Pro Athlete’s transfer top ten

player from to year
1. Patrick Kluivert AC Milan Barcelona 1998
2. Michael Reiziger AC Milan Barcelona 1997
3. Giovanni van Bronckhorst Arsenal Barcelona 2003
4. Winston Bogarde Barcelona Chelsea 2000
5. Royston Drenthe Feyenoord Real Madrid 2007
6. Mario Melchiot Ajax Chelsea 1999
7. André Ooijer PSV Blackburn Rovers 2006
8. Calvin Jong-A-Pin Heerenveen Shimizu S-Pulse 2011
9. Edson Braafheid FC Twente Bayern München 2009
10. Patrick van Aanholt PSV Chelsea 2007