Pro Child

The ‘Okopipi’, or blue poison dart frog, was chosen as symbol for Pro Child’s work. This is one of Surinam’s endangered species, which deserves protecting. The Pro Child initiator recognised the parallel with his work and chose this beautiful animal as the mascot.

President Albert van Werkhoven and board member Sigi Lens hope that Pro Child will receive the attention it deserves in the Netherlands. Elsewhere, you can read how you too can support Pro Child. And that is very important. The foundation’s motto – in the words of Abraham Lincoln – is appropriately:

“Public support is everything, With it anything is possible, without it even the most noble cause will fail.”

Pro Child Foundation

Over the years, the following projects had support of Pro Child:

Immie ‘s Sports Centre
A swimming school at Meerzorg (district Commewijne in Surinam) They provide swimming lessons for the youth and schools.

Foundation voor het Kind
A former hospice on Awarradam (Surinam) where physically and mentally abused children are being guided and cared for.

Foundation d’Ons
Through this foundation Worden Homes equipped with toys, books and teaching materials.

How to support Pro Child?

Whatever you decide, you can transfer your contribution to the ‘Stichting Pro Child’ account held with the Rabobank, account number NL17RABO0380857251

More information

If you have any further questions regarding the Pro Child Foundation, you can contact Albert van Werkhoven.

Tel: +31 (0)181 664232